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At Arky Towing, every vehicle we tow is handled as delicately and safely as possible without exception. All vehicles are towed according to manufacturer’s recommendations and are secured using a minimum of a four-point tie down. Everytime.


Arky Towing is the Best NWA Towing Company

Arky Towing offers towing services covering the six major cities in NWA (Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, Rogers, Bella Vista, and Lowell) and other neighboring cities around northwest Arkansas. At Arky Towing, what makes us stand out is our culture. Some of the principles that guide our work are:



Every team member is a support to the other. A growing individual is a growing team, and this is quite important to the Arky team.

We are big on collective responsibility. Praises and critics are doled out to teams and groups rather than individuals. And we foster cooperation rather than competition.



Team members are encouraged to be concerned about their colleagues. We are always ready to lend a hand. As a result, we maintain a strong synergy of communication across the large team.


Flat management structure

While there is a hierarchy of authority, the work culture provides for the elimination of bureaucracy. It, therefore, encourages the codependency of staff regardless of position or cadre.


Open door management

Topline officers at Arky towing maintain a warm aura and open-door policy. Top managers roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in solving ills noticed by either top or bottom cadre staff.
While Arky towing company offers her team a great place to work, we give our clientele a great value for time and money.

About us

years in

We are a top-ranking towing service company headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas. In our 32 years of service, we have consistently provided professional and excellent towing services to thousands of satisfied customers in the automobile industry.

Being a veteran company ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the industry and its patterns. We understand the importance of quality service, excellent customer experience, and the degree of carefulness that each job requires. Therefore, every time you entrust us with the towing of your vehicle, you can rest assured of the longstanding integrity of the brand to consistently deliver with credibility.

Being a family-owned enterprise, we prioritize the values of family, empathy, and teamwork. And as a team, we understand that the strength of the collective is dependent on the strength of each unit. Hence, our unquenchable thirst for continuous development and preference for veteran team members.

In our strive towards maintaining the credibility and goodwill of the brand, we pay close attention to the safety of your car. Our reach and influence keep spreading, helping us cover Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, Lowell, Centerton, and other NWA cities. With well-qualified and invaluable employees, we continue to offer several towing services. And we never forget to put you first!

arky towing

value proposition

Our position as an industry-leading towing company did not come from sheer luck. It grew because our services are quite distinguishable from others in the same industry. It is this distinctiveness that has earned us the deserving status of a leader.

We employ technologically innovative solutions in the execution of our projects. And that’s not all. We have mastered the art of recognizing the needs of our clients. While the general needs of all the clients we have worked for are towing, some needs go deep beyond the surface. Certain needs touch on the unique specification of the vehicle and the aim of towing. Considering this, we treat every towing project uniquely and make custom offerings and pricing for each.

Our client base includes a conglomerate of private businesses, private car owners, auto dealerships, government authorities and agents, and logistic companies. As a robust automobile service solution, we have everything required to assist you with your vehicle service.

Check out some of the other values that guide our towing operations and how they have helped us maintain a frontline position.

Looking through the journey behind us, we can only conclude that the enormity of the growth that we have enjoyed in our 32 years in business is rooted in referrals.

Our unique marketing and advertisement strategy is the deliberate effort to offer excellent services that raises the bar. We depend on the more efficient method of reaching out to potential clients through the testimonies, ratings, and satisfaction our existing customers enjoy. Hence, our referral-based growth system. And now, with the future in mind, there is no stopping us. The skies are blue and full of potentials yet untapped.

Call us now on 479-364-6770 or drop us a mail for inquiries about our roadside assistance, vehicle accidents recovery, logistics, and towing services.

Fair Treatment

We apply the rule of fair treatment in ensuring that every client is attended to according to their needs and resources. The goal is to allow every client to enjoy excellent towing services. So, whatever the resource or need, we strive to find a solution for you.

Professional Service

Chief among the factors that have driven our growth is the exceptional service we provide to our clients. We have continuously ranked top in the industry on the wings of our professionalism in technical accuracy, empathy, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. We ensure that every client gets great value for every penny spent.

Fair Pricing

Our pricing model helps us come up with fair prices that show a balance in cost and quality. We cannot be considered cheap, and neither are we expensive. We cost our services based on all the factors as mentioned above.