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Arky Towing Bentonville AR

If you’re looking for a reliable auto towing company in Bentonville, AR, you’ve found us! Here at Arky Towing, we are experts in towing and have decades of experience as a tow company. At Arky Towing, our exceptional towing experts consistently offer excellent automotive & towing services to customers. So, when it comes to Bentonville Towing AR, we are the company to turn to for reliable service.

One of the most frustrating things that could happen to anyone is getting stranded because of a car problem or a traffic accident. What we all need in times like this is immediate help to get back on the road in no time. Sadly, people hardly get the help they need – at least not when they need it. And that’s where Arky Towing comes in – to provide timely help and prevent you from being stuck! If you don’t ever want to feel stuck or stranded in Bentonville, there’s a family to call. And that family is Arky Towing!

At Arky Towing Bentonville, AR, we understand how important it is for you to get you back on the road. We consistently do our best to help you get home in time or make that appointment. That’s why we are the people’s first and best choice when it comes to NWA towing in Bentonville and other cities in Northwest Arkansas! We have helped thousands of clients through the years, and we can help you too!

As the go-to towing company in Bentonville and other major cities in Northwest Arkansas, we do our best to offer affordable towing services to Bentonville residents. With convenient locations throughout Northwest Arkansas, we take pride in providing damage-free towing services to all our clients without exception. Whether you drive an SUV or truck, or other vehicles, we make sure you get the best services that can get you back on the road as soon as possible.
There is no job too big or small to handle, from emergency roadside assistance to flat tire repair. Our experienced towing operators are always ready to offer reliable towing solutions right here in Bentonville! So, if you need Bentonville towing Bentonville, AR, give us a call! We are available at any time – day or night to help you or answer your questions.

Call 479-364-6770 now for a fast response!

Roadside Assistance Services

Arky Towing Bentonville Towing Company

If you’re ever in need of emergency roadside assistance services, Arky Towing is the company to call. Why? Because we offer 24-hour emergency response services. Our 24-hour towing roadside services include:

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It is not uncommon for people to have tire problems while driving. And usually, the tire trouble stops their journey unexpectedly. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, don’t feel bad. Contact us at Arky Towing, and we will send our highly trained professionals to offer quick tire fix services! We can help air up faulty tires or install your spare tire in minutes!

Your car battery may run out of juice, leaving you stranded on the road around Bentonville or its neighboring city. Worry no more as Arky Towing is available 24/7 and our team of highly-trained experts will in no time come for your vehicle battery jump starting service. Call us now and let your vehicle running in minutes!

Ran out of gas in the middle of the road? If this ever happen to you in Bentonville or any neighboring NWA city, Arky Towing can come to your aid! Don’t worry about the specific fuel type you have, we can deliver just any type. Call us now for our roadside assistance fuel delivery service and we’ll be there in no time, 24/7!

It’s not uncommon to lock yourself out of your car. This is not only inconvenient, but it can be dangerous. If you need to get into your car without damaging the lock or breaking windows, our Arky Towing Bentonville towing company is the company to reach, and 479-364-6770 is the phone number to call!

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Bentonville Towing Service

Suppose you’re ever in need of a towing and recovery service in Bentonville. In that case, Arky Towing is your best bet for excellent and affordable towing. There are many reasons why you may need automotive towing services. And whatever the reason, we have the right tow truck for your needs. With our fleet of tow trucks, we can handle all your towing needs within Bentonville, AR.


We offer two main types of tow trucks services to meet the needs of our customers. These are:

  1. Flatbed Towing/Rollback Towing
  2. Dolly Towing

Flatbed Towing/ Rollback Towing

Flatbed towing trucks can be used for several towing purposes. For a safe and secure tow, flatbed tow trucks are the best option because of their flatbed. When needed, flatbeds can provide car recovery and transportation services for severely damaged vehicles. Therefore, at Arky Towing Bentonville, AR, we use flatbed tow trucks most times as they’re the safest way to transport a vehicle. For severely damaged autos, we employ rollback tow trucks. The bed of rollback trucks can be lowered using a hydraulic mechanism.

Dolly Towing

Dolly towing is a relatively cheaper method of towing a vehicle. A tow dolly raises the front wheel of your vehicle off the pavement. However, this method cannot be used for heavy vehicles as it cannot support as much weight as a flatbed without causing some damage to your vehicle.

Tow trucks come in many shapes and sizes, so don’t sweat it. We’ll guide you when making a decision on the type of tow truck you need. One of the perks of our Bentonville towing service is that we send the appropriate tow truck as soon as we know the specifics of the situation. So, call us now at 479-364-6770, and we’ll offer you whatever type of towing help you need!

why choose us

Arky Towing Bentonville Towing AR

Our Arky Towing service Bentonville, AR, is top-notch. We have the best customer service team and therefore offer the best customer service. So, if you’re looking for the best towing experience in Bentonville towing, Bentonville, AR, Arky Towing is the towing company to turn to! There are several reasons why you should choose us.

You can call 479-364-6770 now if you need our towing services!



At Arky Towing, we have an impressive safety rating. Why? Because your safety and the safety of your car are the most important things to us. So, whatever services we offer – fuel delivery, flat tire repair, etc. – we ensure that we do it like the experts that we are!


Specially Trained Personnel

At Arky Towing, we train our employees before they start work. In addition, they undergo regular refresher courses throughout each year, keeping them on top of their game.



As a family-owned business, we understand the role of reliability in relationships and business. We invest in high-quality vehicles and equipment to give you the best experience when it comes to Bentonville towing, AR.



As a fully licensed multi-location business, we handle business with professionalism. We ensure that we hire highly trained and motivated professionals who offer safe services to customers. We do our best to offer professional services that leave you impressed.



At Arky Towing, we make it easy for you to reach us! We also guarantee quick response, flexible payment methods, with different types of credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover!

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Exceptional Bentonville Towing Bentonville AR

At Arky Towing Bentonville, AR, we have an unparalleled appetite for excellent customer service. Therefore, in addition to providing professional services, we ensure that all our clients are treated and priced fairly. Our goal is to ensure that our clients enjoy exceptional towing services at affordable prices. And we can hardly separate this hunger anytime we set out to help a client.

You can rest assured that we are the best towing company to help you with whatever towing services you need! Call us at 479-364-6770, and our experienced professionals at the Arky Towing Bentonville towing company will be there to help you!

Accident Recovery Services

Suppose you ever get into an accident and need the services of a towing company. In that case, Arky Towing is the company to contact. Why? Because we ensure that we tow your vehicle safely and securely. And we do not stop at that; we make sure that we use cost-effective towing techniques!


Your car can get stuck in the mud, snow, or ditch, especially when you’re driving off-road. If you try to get your car out yourself, you may end up running your tires deeper into the mud and straining your engine. To avoid damage to your car, the best thing to do is contact a reliable towing service. And Arky Towing Bentonville, AR is your best bet! We will help you winch out your vehicle from wherever it’s stuck and get you moving again!

Roadside Services

Unexpected events can happen while you’re traveling. You may require emergency roadside assistance services when you run out of gas, lock yourself out of your car, have a flat tire, or need to jump-start your dead battery.

Arky Towing Service Bentonville AR

At Arky Towing, quality service is our motto. We aim to treat every customer fairly, no matter how simple or complex their situation may seem. And as a leader in towing, we offer top-notch Bentonville towing service. Some of the services we offer include:

  1. Accident Recovery Services
  2. Winching
  3. Roadside Services:
    a. Flat Tire Change/Repair
    b. Battery Jump Start
    c. Fuel Delivery
    d. Lockout Services (Vehicle Unlock Services)